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Canons Regular Hold Latin Mass Workshop in Alaska

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‘Old Mass’ finds new life in Alaska, beyond
Latin Mass AlaskaOn August 5 to 7, 2010, Fr. Bart Juncer, SJC, conducted workshops for altar servers, musicians and other interested parties in the Extraordinary Form of the Mass at Alaska’s largest Catholic Church, St. Andrew’s Church in Eagle River.

The pastor, Fr. Thomas Brundage, invited Fr. Juncer to conduct the workshops after Fr. Brundage attended the Canons Regular Sancta Missa workshop in Mundelein, IL.  About 35-40 participants attended the workshops over the course of the three days.

Father Thomas BrundageDuring the workshop, St. Andrew Church celebrated its first High Mass on Saturday morning, August 7th with about 40-50 people attending.

Fr. Brundage offers the Extraordinary Form of the Mass weekly at St. Andrew's in Eagle River. Prior to that, he was offering the Extraordinary Form of the Mass at St. Michael Parish in Palmer, Alaska, where he had been serving as pastor before his current assignment.


Father Bart Juncer, SJC teaching a class on the Extraordinary Form of the Mass


 Latin Mass Alaska
Father Bart Juncer, SJC celebrating High Mass in the Extraordinary Form

The interior of Saint Andew's Church in Alaska

Cardinal Francis George

"In order to better serve Catholics who wish to worship according to the 'Forma extraordinaria', ample and ongoing catechesis in the form of the Mass must be available. This can only be achieved if, first of all, priests and seminarians are prepared to serve this need."

—H. E. Francis Cardinal George  

Ordo Missae - Order of Mass - 1962 Roman Missal

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Ordo Missae - Order of Mass - 1962 Roman Missal

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