Sancta Missa


By Rev. William A. O'Brien, M.A.

E. Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament Before Mass

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It sometimes happens that Exposition takes place before Mass and the Blessed Sacrament remains exposed for the adoration of the faithful throughout the day; for example, on the First Friday of the month. Where this ceremony is customary, it is necessary to prepare the following things in addition to those required for Mass.

(1) Thurible with lighted charcoal and incense boat.
(2) At least twelve wax candles must be lighted upon the altar.
(3) The burse with corporal must be placed on altar.
(4) The monstrance should be upon the altar (covered with white veil).
(5) Flowers should adorn the altar.
(6) Corporal spread on the throne.

F. Forty-Hours' Devotion

D. For Benediction with the Ciborium (Private Benediction)


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