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1. It is the pastor's duty to promulgate to the people during Lent, either directly or through other preachers, canons 906 and 859,--1, of the Code of Canon Law which declare: "Every one of the faithful of either sex, who has attained the years of discretion, in other words the use of reason, is bound to confess sincerely all his sins at least once a year, and must receive the sacrament of Eucharist once a year, at least during Eastertime, unless perhaps on the counsel of one's pastor or confessor one is discouraged from receiving it for a while because of some valid reason."

2. The time within which the Easter communion must be received commences on Palm Sunday and terminates on Low Sunday.* But it is the right of the local Ordinary, if circumstances of persons or place demand, to extend this time for all the faithful, however, not earlier than the fourth Sunday in Lent nor later than Trinity Sunday. The faithful should be persuaded to fulfill this obligation, everyone in his own parish church. Whoever fulfills it in another church must see to it that he inform his own pastor of the fact. The precept of Easter communion still continues to be binding if one has neglected it during the time prescribed, no matter for what reason.

* In the United States, from the first Sunday in Lent till Trinity Sunday.--Trans.

3. The obligation to ensure that children fulfill the precept of Easter communion devolves on those especially charged with their welfare, namely, parents, teachers, confessors, tutors, and pastors.

4. The pastor should also exert himself so that the people will communicate on Easter itself, and on this day he himself will administer the sacrament to his parishioners, unless prevented by some valid excuse. As to the rest he will observe whatever is prescribed below in the section on the care of souls.

5. He will also take communion to the sick members of his parish during Eastertime, even though they have received it at other times.

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