Sancta Missa - Rituale Romanum (Roman Ritual) - Rite for baptism administered by a bishop


1. If a bishop or a cardinal wishes to confer baptism, whether on children or adults, the same preparation is made and the same order is followed as given above, but with the following additions.

2. There should be chaplains in attendance, or other priests and clerics vested in surplice who will assist him and act as ministers of the book, mitre, etc.

3. The bishop wearing the rochet vests in amice, alb, cincture, purple stole and cope, and uses the gold mitre. Thus vested he proceeds with his assistants to the administration of the sacrament. During the interrogations he is seated, and wears the mitre. But at the ceremony of breathing he stands, still using the mitre. Then he sits down again, while he signs the candidate with the sign of the cross on the brow and on the breast. He stands (without mitre) during the prayers which precede and follow the blessing of salt, and the same while he blesses the salt; however, he is seated (with mitre) at the time he puts the blessed salt into the mouth of the candidate. Again he stands (with mitre) for the exorcisms, the touching with spittle, and for the solemn entrance into the church. He remains standing for the Apostles' Creed and the Lord's Prayer (without mitre.) When he asks: "Do you believe in God..." and: "Do you wish to be baptized?" and if he baptizes by infusion, he is seated (with mitre). However, if he baptizes by immersion he is standing (retaining mitre).

4. At the conclusion, when he anoints with chrism and when he bestows the white garment and the lighted candle, as well as when he says "Go in peace..." he is seated (with mitre).

5. In the case where the bishop wishes only to perform the act of baptizing--a priest having previously carried out all the other ceremonies--he comes to the baptistery (vested in white), and commences with: "What is your name?..." Then continues "Do you believe in God..." to the conclusion of the ceremony as given above.

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