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Rituale Romanum (Roman Ritual)

Rituale Romanum

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This complete edition of the Roman Ritual is in accord with the latest "Editio Typica," dated January 25, 1952. However, since that time a number of significant additions have been made and revisions put into effect by the Congregation of Sacred Rites; they have been published in"Acta Apostolicae Sedis" as well as in "Ephemerides Liturgicae." All of these changes have been taken into account in the present version.

Moreover, immediately before going to press we were able to incorporate the changes introduced by the Liturgy Commission's "Instruction" of September 26, 1964, made public on October 16, 1964, thus bringing the work fully up to date.

The English version of the psalms and other passages from the Old Testament are from the Confraternity version, with some adaptations where necessary for artistic or musical reasons. New Testament passages are from the Kleist-Lilly version. For the translations in verse of the hymns I am indebted to the work of Dom Matthew Britt, O.S.B., "The Hymns of the Breviary and Missal," with the author's kind permission. A musical supplement to this volume is available at The Bruce Publishing Company. Music of a worthy nature and suitable idiom for English texts is provided therein wherever the "Editio Typica" calls for parts to be sung, or wherever else it is felt that singing would greatly enhance the sacred rites. Because the "Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy" (35.3) directs priests to give liturgical instruction to the people during the very rites themselves, I have supplied introductions to the principal parts and some commentary within the rites. These are meant merely as suggestions on which the celebrant may base whatever commentary he sees fit to give. Provision is also made for the people's vocal participation so far as possible, again in accord with the "Constitution." "Traduttore traditore," "the translator is a traitor," says an Italian proverb. So he is to many of his readers, and he need look for little leniency, except perhaps from those who themselves have set their hand to translating.

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Rituale Romanum - Roman Ritual
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