Sancta Missa

 of the 1962 Missale Romanum

In Assumptione BeatŠ MariŠ Virginis - ad II vesperas



In Assumptione BeatŠ MariŠ Virginis
ad II vesperas

Introitus - organum (2m27.1s - 2012 kb)

Deus, in adiutorium (55.5s - 759 kb)

Hymnus: Ave, Maris Stella (2m39.4s - 2181 kb)

Psalmus 10, antiphona Assumpta est Maria (2m42.3s - 2219kb)

Psalmus112, antiphona Maria Virgo assumpta est (2m29.6s- 2046 kb)

Psalmus 121, antiphona In odorem unguentorum (2m31.2s - 2068 kb)

Psalmus 126, antiphona Pulchra es et decora (2m31.8s - 2076 kb)

Lectio brevis (21.9s- 301 kb)

Responsorium: Assumpta est Maria (1m48.9s - 1490 kb)

Magnificat antiphona Hodie Maria Virgo cŠlos ascendit (5m33.3s- 4558 kb)

Kyrie, eleison; Pater noster; Dominus vobiscum (2m46.5s - 2227kb)

Benedicamus Dominum; Sit nomen (1m07.5s - 924 kb)

Ecce panis (1m35.6s- 1308 kb)

Tantum ergo VII (1m10.4s - 964 kb)

Panemde cŠlo, Deus qui nobis (1m15.4s - 1031kb)

Te laudamus, Domine (1m31.3s - 1249 kb)

Finalem - organum (3m22.8s- 2774 kb)

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