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1.  What is the difference between the various Latin Mass hand-Missals?

The basic Latin Mass has been unchanged for centuries. As the Catholic Church added certain feast days, the more recent hand-Missals reflect these changes. In addition the various Missals are arranged differently according to the desires of the editors (i.e. page layout, style of translation, cost).

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2.  Where can I buy a 1962 Latin Mass Missal?

The Cantius Webstore, operated by the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius, offers an excellent hand-Missal, perfect for every day of the liturgical year. Also we offer a simple Sunday Missal that is easy to use and perfect for newcomers.

Roman Catholic Daily Missal - Leather Cover, 1962 juxta typica (typical edition) of the Missale Romanum

Roman Catholic Daily Missal - 1962 juxta typica (typical edition) of the Missale Romanum

1962 Missal - My Sunday Missal, Explained by Father Stedman

Booklet Missal
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3.  Should I buy a Latin Mass Missal that was written after 1962?

The hand-Missals printed after 1962 begin to show liturgical changes and modifications.

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4.  Can I find the Latin and the English translation of the Latin Mass on the Internet?

Yes. The Ordo Missae (Order of Mass) can be found on the Sancta Missa website at:

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5.  Where can I read the English translation of the ‘propers’ of Mass?

Una Voce of Orange County, California, provides the English translation of the propers at their website:

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