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1.  What is Gregorian Chant?

It is traditional church music of western Christendom with origins pre- dating Pope Gregory the Great whose name it bears. It grew out of Latin texts and its essential worth lies in profound spirituality.

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2.  In what liturgical books can one find the Gregorian Chant used in the Extraordinary Form?


Graduale Romanum

Liber Ususalis

Ordo Processionum

Proprium de Tempore

Psalm Tones

Sung Masses in Holy Week

Versus Psalmorum et Canticorum

Vesperale Romanum

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3.  Can I obtain my own copy of these liturgical books of Gregorian Chant?

These books are coming back into print slowly. Currently the Liber Ususalis is in print and is available for purchase. Please go to:

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4.  If the Gregorian Chant propers found in the Liber Ususalis seem intimidating for smaller choirs, can a choir sing a simplified psalm tones setting of the propers for the liturgical year?

A simple psalm-tone setting of the propers, most useful for smaller or inexperienced choirs, is now again in print. It is available at:

'Proper' Of The Mass For the Entire Ecclesiastical Year By Fr. Carlos Rossini. (Imprimatur 1933)

This is an invaluable book for the members of the choir and schola singing the Traditional Latin Mass (1962 Missale Romanum). This was the primary 'proper' chant book for High Mass choir members in the United States from the 1930s until Vatican II. If the Liber Usualis is intimidating for the smaller or less experienced choir/schola, this is the answer!

The 'Proper' Of The Mass is set to very basic Gregorian Psalm-tones with organ accompaniment. These 'proper' chants for the entire year are beautiful yet simple enough for most choir members to sing with limited practice. Includes complete daily, seasonal, ember-day, ferial, common Masses, etc. Table of Contents.

Also includes Preface, Instructions from the author to the organist & choir members, Preface, rules for liturgical pronunciation of Latin, notes on when to sing the various chants of the 'proper', and rules for good vocal production.

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